Wednesday, May 11, 2011

My time machine is fixed!

My 85 Fiero Gt Time Machine is fixed!!! I managed to replace the 2 cracked geissler tubes on the flux capacitor. Here's me performing a successful test last night!

I also repainted it, changed the brakes, replaced the driver side wiper motor, had the cracks in the windshield filled and replaced all of the sticky navigation buttons. Needless to say it's no longer for sale. The new plan is to go back to 1975 just before I was born and tricks my mom into naming me "Neo" (matrix fan don't judge me). Or maybe I'll get her to name me "Morpheus". That would be bad ass! Anyways I will need some pre 1975 canadian or american currencies for walking around money. For obvious reasons I cannot go around 1975 montreal buying stuff with the cash that's in my pockets now - I'll get thrown in jail quick fast on counterfeiting charges. Can anyone help me out? Since these bills are no longer in circulation I will pay an extra 5% on the money/monies we swap. Twenty dollar bills are preferable.

No coins please.

Moses Gunn - Time Traveler

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