Thursday, May 19, 2011

Back in the day part 3: The Home Phone

You know what I just thought about? Remember back in the day when you used to live at home and didn't have a cell phone? You'd have to use the home phone to call girls, guys, friends etc... Remember how some fool would always pick up the line while you were talking and start dialing without checking to see if someone was already on the line? That happened ALL the time in my house. And it was always my mom! Sometimes she'd be calling long distance to family in the U.K or Africa so the number would be like 20 plus fucking digits long "BEEP BOOP BAP BEEP BEEP BAP BOOOOOP BOP BAP BEEEEEP BOP BAP BEEP BOOP BAP BEEP BEEP BAP BOOP BOP!" and the whole time I'd be yelling "ma! Mommy! MA!!" at the top of my lungs hoping she'd hear me between beeps... The combination of my yelling and my mom pressing buttons must have sounded like scatman john.


The worst was when she'd use the phone in the den. It was a rotary phone.

Yeah. I remember that shit. Thanks ma.

*Edit: None of this applies to those of you who had your own phone lines. Elitists.

Frank Breaker

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