Wednesday, May 18, 2011

Murder on the Dancefloor

This was probably one of best openings for a superhero movie. How badass is Blade?! Let's see - the guy has all kinds of of guns with silver tipped ammo, hidden stakes/stabbing weapons, a long ass pig sticker sword, crazy tattoos, dope vehicles, and a badass duster/coat.You see at 5:16 when he clocks the ginger vampire (pornography actress Tracy Lords) in the overies with his shotgun before blowing her face off? Vampire slaying gold. It's Sexual and violent... And at 6:14 where he draws the line in the puddle of blood with his sword before Quinn and his posse attack? Classic Blade move. What a hero! Incidently no word of a lie I did the same shit a few weekends ago at Rouge whilst wearing my raincoat.

Honestly I love this movie. It's from a time not too long ago when vampires used to suck blood and not penises... Blade should be in the next Twilight installment so he can dispatch Egbert (100 year old virgin vampire who sparkles like a disco fairy??) and the rest of the twilights (i.e fruity vegan vampires) in similar fashion. Not because they are ghey mind you but because they suck. That would be badass. If Blade's too busy ridding the world of Deacon Frosts and Nomaks (real vampires) then let's put in a call to Count Chocula to get the job done.

Frank Breaker - Daywalker in training

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