Friday, April 15, 2011


To celebrate my return please go to the mirror and vote for me/us in the best of montreal 2011 reader's poll. Today is the last day before polls close! Here are the categories I/we would like to be nominated in (just copy/paste my name)

Montrealer Closest to Sainthood: Frank Breaker.
Ok let's face it I haven't really done anything to deserve this title but still it would be nice just to be nominated. Last year I'm sure a few of you voted for me as Montrealer Closest to Hell. Bastards.

Most Desirable Man: Frank Breaker.

Most Desirable Woman: Frank Breaker (just cause).

Best-Dressed Montrealer: Jessie Fever.

Best Blog: This one for christ's sake.

Best Bartender: My girl Stacy K (Tokyo bar). Close second would be Jess D at cafeteria... Oh and I can't forget Deborah C at bluedog (although she doesn't work there anymore she's still cool as ass)

Best Video: Labnoise.

Best Hip Hop Artist: Who else but Bad News Brown (RIP).

Best Musical Act: Paul Cargnello. And my sister's boyfriend's band the Franklin Electric.

Best Local Actor: Frank Breaker.

Best Fishmonger: Frank Breaker (again just cause).

Thankyou for your support. Remember a vote for me is a vote for yourselves!

My name isn't gloriana but you get the drift.

Frank Breaker

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