Thursday, March 31, 2011

Potential winner of the 2011 Artificial Vagina Best/Worst Video of Life Award

2011 Best/Worst Videos of Life contenders started off with a bang this year! First there was the rain city super hero movement followed by the mother of the year and finally mike tyson angry birds. But I tell you today I have seen a video that has shut everything down. This could be this year's winner but I'm not going to crown it too prematurely. Let's wait out 2011 and see what other epic madness comes out.

The rules are the same as always - as usual depending on taste, this might either be the best or worst videos ever committed to film. I present Flynt Flossy from Turquoise Jeep

LOLZZ WITH HIS RIGHT POCKET OUT! HAHAHA WHY?! And there are actually women in the video. Again why? Why would a normal woman be in this? I've seen girls in other Turquoise Jeep videos and have always wondered why? It's not as if these clowns can afford to pay them.

clap clap clap... clap clap snap

Here are the highlights of the clip

- he is dead serious about this video...
- he wears a self promoting t shirt ("Flynt Flossy is my favorite rapper")
- there are girls in the video when there shouldn't be any (no woman in their right mind should be within 50 ft of these dudes)
- his right pocket is out on his tracksuit
- it looks like he has fake facial hair
- 1:38 most epic moonwalk maneuver of all time
- he looks like a murphy brother (charlie and eddie)
- he is dead serious about this video
- his bboy crew are wearing bandannas on their faces so they don't get recognized! BAHAHAHA!!
-2:34 "How you like your eggs? Fried or fertilized?"
- he is dead serious about this video!

All these are reasons why I melted the repeat button this afternoon. I get a little dumber every-time I watch it but it's an itch I need to scratch. At least its better than that Justin Bieber kid...

LOL I really should be working (can you believe the renovations are not finished yet???).



*Edit: I think I saw this guy on the metro last month.

Frank Breaker

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