Friday, March 18, 2011

Mike Tyson: Angry Birds

Ok some of you know how I think in the past couple years mike tyson has been a phenomenon of epic hilarity. If you haven't see my past tyson posts her's the link to them (tyson posts).

Anyways this video literally made my fall off of my chair. I was on the ground dying of laughter. Fucking tyson lol based on these videos I'm not sure whether to label him hero or lunatic.

I thought he was going to K.O the dude. Bahaha Did the ipad died?

Then there's this

"The Funky Bunch was carrying him all along" BAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAAAAAAA! I love this dude

Here's the spoof of the king's speech he did on jimmy kimmel live

"TOTALITARIAN!" Hahahaha sir micheal tyson

Iron Frank Breaker

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