Friday, March 11, 2011

GPS fail: Penis enlargement conspiracy

I'm dying of boredom here. Work sucks. Renovations suck. Florida sucks. Anyways I was looking through my pictures and I came across this forgotten classic. Last summer I went to see my doctor after my parkour accident. He told me I had to get x rays taken at the radiology clinic up the road from his office. Dude asked me if I needed directions - I told him hell no I'll just use the gps on my phone. On my way out of his office I uttered out loud "technology rocks!". As soon as I got in my car I typed in the address of the radiology clinic and started following the directions. I got to the point where I was pretty sure I had to take a right turn and when I double checked my phone I noticed that one of the buildings on the gps said "X 4 labs penis extender". WTF?! HAHAHAHAHAAAA! There's a mcdonald's there! Wait... is it spelled mcdonalds or macdonalds? Whatever I never eat there so fuck them. Anyways the mcdonalds has been there for years! LOLZ I told prez about it and he started rambling on in true prez fashion about the macdonalds being a cover up -
Prez: "That mcdonalds is a shadow proxy dummy corporation masking it's true function of dick extending. Is that why Ronald da clown has a grin on his face like he just plowed 8 hoes in an orgy of violent sex drugs and alchool?!! I could go for an angus bigmac royale with cheese now..."

So what happens when you get your food from that mcdonalds? They give you a bag of dicks.


Captain Frank Breaker

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