Wednesday, November 10, 2010

The most epic sport I have ever seen in my lifetime

Gents allow me to present Hurling - the fastest game played on grass. Its an irish sport that seems to be a mix of soccer, football, hockey, mental instability and crazy shit your pants speed. HOW INSANE IS THIS?! The game is played with a stick that looks like a goddamn axe! You use your "axe" to hit a small ball into a net for 3 points or through football type uprights that extend above the nets for 1 point. Watch the video - these lunatics swing their "axes" so close to each others heads theyre in danger of decapitating one another. Apparently irish immigrants have attempted to set up hurling leagues in other countries with no success. I guess everyone else is too scared and/or mentally stable to play.

Notice how the only protective gear worn is an occasional helmet here and there?! I seriously question their sanity. The irish are fucking madmen...
On second thought theyre fucking heroes. I like what I see.

Im in.

Frank Breaker


  1. lemme tell u whats missing in this sport right heearrr surround the field with a moat of molten lava, every 10 minutes a randomly picked player gets shot with a tranquilizer dart containing a cocktail of cocaine and red bull, "bouncing betties" are strategically hidden under the astro turff and at the half time a bionically enhanced leopard with a laser attached to its head is released. dude i would watch that.