Thursday, November 4, 2010

Awesome quotes from friends and acquaintances: part 1

Sometimes my friends say wicked funny shit that needs to be immortalized...

Jessie Fever: "I went from technopheliac to luddite in 60 seconds"

Finger Noel: "Im not an alcoholic. Alcoholics go to meetings"

Jon M: (referring to the zombie apocalypse) - "Thats when real is real! Youd better know whats up"

Jon M: (referring to having to pay a reconnection fee after his electricity was cut because of his landlord) - "Why should I pay for other peoples fuckery?"

Biz: (referring to a friend who offered us jamaican patties and gave us semi frozen pizza pockets instead) - "Wow! What a BWB (black white guy)"

Biz: (referring 2 of our homies, prez and finger who both want to try the kfc 'double down" sandwich) - "Bets on who gets angina first: odds are finger, 3 - 1 prez, 3.5 - 1 so far..."

Prez: (referring to bizs comment about the kfc "double down" and angina) - "I aint afraid of the reaper! I look the beast of babylon in the eye and war cry LETS GO!"

Frank Breaker: "She looks like a horse and a foot had a kid. Thats old school ugly."

Frank Breaker


  1. The cross between a horse and a foot- please tell me you were talking about julia roberts!

  2. HAHA that would be funny too! Actually I was talking about sarah jessica parker.