Thursday, November 11, 2010

Awesome quotes from friends and acquaintances: part 3

Miguelo: (engrossed in a multiplayer game of halo we were playing)

Frank Breaker: "Dude you see him? Hes going for our flag!"
Miguelo: (after shooting the player) "Stabilized."

Johnny: "I like to use the handicap stall when I drop a deuce. You know the massive handle on the side of the toilet? I use it for torque."

My mom: (to one of my sisters) "Money doesnt grow on trees asshole."

My mom: "Remember that song kiss is on my list by holland oats?" BAHAHAAAA she thought hall and oates was one guy named holland!

Mark: "What in gods worth is going on?!"

Prez: "There goes schmitty again losing it."

Finger (in conversation with a bartender we know named chantal)

Chantal: "What can I get you?"
Finger: "Two gin and tonics."

After 5 minutes chantal comes back without the drinks and approaches another customer

Chantal: "Adam you want a shot?"
Finger: "Ill give you a shot. A shot in the face if you dont hurry up with my drinks!"

My mom: "Thats what she said." HAHAHAHAHAHAA!!!


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