Tuesday, November 16, 2010

Awesome quotes from friends and acquaintances: part 5

Thierry: (in grade 10 regarding a thin girl one of our friends was dating) "I have zero interest in that boneshack." - HAHA I still use "boneshack" to this day.

Larry: (regarding skinny james, a ex junkie friend of ours - BIZ you know who Im talking about)
Larry: "I think skinny james just shot heroin up in my bathroom!"
Frank Breaker: "Oh shit. What would you do if he ever overdosed at your place?"
Larry: "Id put him in a hockey bag and leave him on the boulevard"

My accountant: "A parent is only as good as their stupidest kid. If one my kids becomes a neurophysicist and the other gets robbed by a hooker Ive failed."

Biz: "Its/that sounds better on paper." - If you really want to piss people off say this to any idea/suggestion you dont like.


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