Thursday, November 11, 2010

City hall station the secret subway stop

This is why I like NY there are so many forgotten spots like this

Hidden deep under new york city is a "secret" subway stop. The city hall station opened in 1904 but has been out of use since 1945. It can still be seen by riders ... if they know how to get there. The station is still used as a turning loop for 6 trains - until recently all passengers had to leave the train at the brooklyn bridge stop but now you can stay on the train and see the station as the train turns around.

The reason for its closing? Its curved tracks. New subway cars were introduced in 1945 with doors in the middle of the train. As a result when the doors would open there would be too much of a gap between the exit point of the train and the platform. There were plans to turn the stop into a transit museum but security concerns put the kaibosh on the idea. Now the only way to see it is from the train.

Fucking wicked.

Schmitty (Frank Breaker)

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