Wednesday, December 14, 2011

Public sex FAIL

Most people like their sex in somewhat normal places. Personally I likes my sex at home. My bed's comfy as hell, I'm usually already buck naked and I can go to sleep right after. BONUS - I'm close to the kitchen so I can make a sandwich or some tacitos if I feel peckish. Chairs and sofas can be cool to... in fact there's a lot of places that are decent - anywhere in the house, on the house, under the house, in your boys house, in a log house,
in your parents house, in a beach house, in a farmhouse, in a warehouse, in a hen house, a dog house, an outhouse (blech! fuck no), a nut house, in the white house, a light house, at colombia house, on a plane, a train, an automobile, the batmobile, the oscar meyer mobile, a cab, a balloon, a hotel, motel, holiday inn (say what), atlantis, space, etc... Why public sex? Some folks think that boning at home is boring. Some like to get back to nature which just means they're so gung ho ready to go they get down wherever they get a chance. It could also be that they just want to spice up their sex lives or maybe they get off on the risk of getting caught. Maybe they like the idea of being watched... But for the life of me I can't understand how these two fools can get down like this! Check this out - these 2 fiends started to jam in the subway train and were told by fellow passengers it was inappropriate to plow on the floor. So the "respectable" couple got off at the next stop and proceeded to bump uglys on the subway platform. Even homeless people have the good sense to fuck BEHIND dumpsters not in them... . Nasty with a capital N. On what planet is it cool to plunk your naked fat ass onto the dirty piss and puke stained metro floor to plow? You know nobody washes that shit! How horny can you possibly be????? Now you got e.coli, salmonella, shigella and methicillin-resistant staph aureus all up in your sex organs playas! High five.

And to top things off this debauchery happened in toronto. The cops eventually came and busted up the fuckfest. I say they should have at least let them finish - if the dude came with the thunder they might have tipped over the edge vagina first onto the 3rd rail. Then they'd have to rename the station the "smoked salmon" stop.You know... cause of the smell. Public sex FAIL

Frank Breaker

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