Monday, December 5, 2011

Free: Several sand wasps nests - sand wasps included

This summer I discovered the sandbox at my work was infested with sand wasps (known as bembix speciosis to the nerds out there). My mom still doesn't believe me - her reasoning? "Bees don't live underground". What kind of BS argument is that? They're not bees Ma! I even had to resort to bringing in a specialist (i.e exterminator) to break it down but the idiot still wouldn't listen. Fuck it I figured I was on my own at that point. The exterminator told me the first step to try was pouring soapy water on the sand. So thats what I did - I spent about 2 hours drowning the bastards in gallons of that shit which took care of the problem for approx. 2 months. In late september the assholes came back. Apparently the next step is to dig up the nests and haul them away. Fuck that noise! I'm not digging shit. So I've decided to give the nests away to anyone out in the internets who is interested. I need these bastards out of here pronto before the ground freezes! I don't want to deal with it again next year. Right now they're all down in the ground sleeping off the summer but if you plant them in your yard next summer you can train them to make honey for you. Mmm Mmm! Goddamn doesn't that sound good?

Item: Lot of several sand wasp nests
Brand: B
embix speciosis (black and white with bright green eyes)
Flavors: Waspy
Age: Who knows
Price: Free! All you need to do is pick them up before the ground freezes

I have a few stipulations for this lot

1) You must also take the sand
2) I will not help dig, load or deliver shit
3) I have no clue how many sand wasps there are in each nest - you get what you get. No guarantees

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