Friday, February 17, 2012

Another trend that is out of control

Mona Lisa's facebook picture (she even has highlights)

I’m joining the anti duckface movement. Seriously this shit is out of control… For those of you who don’t know, “duckface” is that ultra hideous facial expression where people push their lips up and out in a weird combination of a pout/smoochy face to make it look like they’ve got big ass lips and high cheek bones.

This duck bill like appearance is most commonly seen in self taken photos. Somehow some chicks (and a few dudes) have gotten it into their brains that the duckface look is hot. Somebody please stop this goddamn epidemic!

Trust me it isn’t attractive in the least. It looks like they're trying to fit the top half of their faces under their lips while on the toilet battling constipation.

The look really is unacceptable…

Except on ducks.

Or on people who actually look like ducks (actually this is more yuckface)...

I’m actually going to call it fuckface from now on because it actually looks like a lot of these chicks are waiting for some dude to skeet on them.

Maybe the next trend will be whaleface?


Frank Breaker * Trend setter

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