Thursday, August 18, 2011

Time travel tales

Since I fixed my 85 Fiero Gt Time Machine I've been going back in time on a regular basis "observing" events and meeting cool peeps (see photo below).

Now it's time to make some goddamn changes! My newest time travelin' mission is to go back in time and find the dude that invented the "high 5" and give him a high 5 just as he's about to do it for the first time. It'll blow his fucking mind.

Then I'm going to germany sometime in the 1930's so I can spit the biggest glob of spit/phlegm in hitlars mustache. Then I'll kick the douchebag in the teeth and run.

Then I'm going back to 1996 for a scheduled meeting with myself to give myself the idea to create an internet search engine. By the time I get back to 2011 I'll be oprah rich

That's the plan.

Frank Breaker - Time Traveler
Douchebag kicker

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