Friday, August 12, 2011

Some douchebag tried to touch my dreadlocks today

Okay it happened again. I'm at reno this morning and some chick comes up to me all "oooooo I love your hair how long did it take you to grow it is it hard to wash blah blah bok bok bok..." (I tuned her out at that point). Then she asks "Can I touch it?” and reaches forward towards my hair without waiting for my response. I backed up and told her "no way back up off meee man". Can you believe she was shocked that I said no???????????? The look on her face was like I just told her her husband smokes cocks in his spare time. Then this goddamn croc n khaki wearing abercrombie and fitch asshat has the nerve to give me attitude! She starts asking more questions looking for some sort of acceptable explanation - "I seriously cant touch your hair? Why not?

WTF?? I'm like did this fuckface actually ask me why she couldnt touch my hair? All I could see was red. I told her "a) I don't know you from a hole in the ground and b) I said no!" I'm not a goddamn traveling circus. Then she says "I'd let you touch my hair". How does that sweeten the deal? WTF do I care about touching her stringy blonde oil factory dirt mop chia pet shit stained hair? Then I called her a douchebag and walked away. I should have kicked her in the teeth.

Frank Breaker *Kicking douchebags in the teeth since 2003

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