Wednesday, August 24, 2011

Shark Attacks

I love shark week

I was watching a shark week special this morning and picked up on something that I need to rant about. Shark attacks. Why do people always act like the impossible just occurred when they get bitten?? It is pure arrogance to assume that all other species should yield to humans because we are the dominant species... You got bitten by a shark because you breached his territory jackass! That's like going into a southern hillbilly's yard and acting surprised when he grabs his pistol and shoots you. How do you avoid the situation? Don't go into southern hillbillies yards. Same goes for sharks. You want to survive a shark attack??? Don't swim in the ocean. 97 percent of all shark attacks take place in massive bodies of water (i.e: oceans). If you follow this rule you'll never have to tango with one of those toothy bastards.

Unless they learn how to walk on land...

Until I learn how to do this move I'm sticking to swimming pools.

Frank Breaker

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