Wednesday, August 24, 2011

Charlie's death

HAHAHA so chuck lorre is actually going through with it and killing off charlie sheens character on two and a half men. Apparently the season premiere is going to kick off with "uncle" charlie's funeral and all of the attendees will be the slew of girls he plowed onscreen throughout the 8 years he was on the show.

HAHAHA Fucking charlie sheen! Well at least he'll be able to see what his own funeral will look like.

Frank Breaker

PS: The best "sheenism” to this day? “Tiger Blood". What a hero...

What is tiger blood? Exactly what it sounds like.

Are charlie sheen and tigers similar in any way? Not in the least.

How do the tigers feel about all this? They love it. They really do. They don't mind being compared to the sheen - they want to live extra terrestrial rockstar lifestyles too.

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