Thursday, July 7, 2011

Don't judge me

Sigh... I ended up at walmart this morning. Don't judge me. I had no choice, I needed to pick up vacuum filters for work. I was in such a bind that I broke one of my cardinal rules - never go to walmart in the morning. It's chock full of freaks! Where do these people come crawl out from? I never see them anywhere else in the city... only at walmart! Is there some inter dimensional portal in the parking lot that these beings use to travel back to their home world? To quote bobby collins it was like that bar scene in star wars.

Anyways I couldn't find the goddamn filters anywhere so I put in a call to "shrek" to ask her if she knew where they were. As I tried to dial out I realized my cellular phone had no signal! Fucking phone!!!! How do you lose reception in a walmart? It's not like I was in one of those colossal supercentres - those shits are so massive you can get lost for days before finding your way out. I once saw a group of stranded children who had been lost in the store for so long they had a serious "lord of the flies" situation going on.

Frank Breaker*Lost in walmart.

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