Friday, December 31, 2010

Potential winner of the 2010 Artificial Vagina Worst Video of Life Award

This disaster was in my inbox this morning...

HAHAHAHA I'm dying over here this has to be one of the most ridiculous videos I have seen this year!

“Man, forget going to club to meet something new. When I wanna meet something new, I go get me a basket and I go walk around Walmart. All the women be in Walmart, you heard me.” – Mr. Ghetto

Really??? How did this madness even come to be??? I mean where the hell are the employees? Is this an average day of shopping in the south??? Booty shorts wearing barefoot hookers popping their asses and junk all over the pharmacy and junior miss clothing sections? I'm pretty sure if this happened here the whole crew would get carted off to jail quickfast...
"She in that lingerie section, lingerie!
She in that lingerie section, lingerie!
She in that lingerie section, ugh!
She in that lingerie section!"
Those booty shorts probably stink. They should've tossed some feminine hygiene products in the cart while they were ass popping in the pharmacy. LOL this gives a whole new meaning to "roll back"!

For real this is some ignorant shit. I'm shopping at zellers from now on.

Frank Breaker

*Edit: Word to the wise - if anything this video is proof positive you need to remember to disinfect your shopping carts folks.

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