Friday, May 31, 2013

Crazy Sue

Have you ever heard someone say something so outlandish that you actually had to sit down? This morning I have been inspired. My mom says some really stupid shit sometimes and I have decided to give her her own segment on the Vag called Crazy Sue.

Referring to an employee of ours who passed out at work
Crazy Sue: "yeah she fainted but she regained consciousness! Why would they call an ambulance? They should've just put her in a taxi. If we call 911 too many times and it turns out there is no emergency they won't come anymore."

Lemons for caesar salad
Crazy Sue: "Can you believe my son wants me to throw out these lemon wedges because I got a little blood from the steaks on them? That's crazy talk."
The steaks were raw.

Dining out
Crazy Sue: *complaining to waiter* "I ordered my steak medium rare."
Waiter: "You have to actually cut into the steak ma'am."

Smoke detectors
Me: "I'm going to put them up tonight. What do you think?"
Crazy Sue: *farts* "That's what I think."

Hydro Quebec customer service
Crazy Sue: "It was one of those automated phone calls I hate talking to recordings so I hung up."
Me: "It wasn't a recording mommy it was a person. I was the one who answered the phone and passed it to you."
Crazy Sue: "Well it's not my fault. They shouldn't hire people who sound like gay robots."

Her new samsung phone
Crazy Sue: "You would like this phone! It even has an Ipod in it."

Referring to my 3 year old cousin
Crazy Sue: "I have never had so much love for a child in my life!"
Me: "You do realize you have 3 children of your own right?"

Apartment rentalCrazy Sue: "I just don't want to rent to any french people ok? French people don't like to pay rent."

Dinner party
Crazy Sue: All my friends were talking about their sons as teenagers. All I could say was up until my son was 12 years old I thought he was gay because he never brought a girl home for dinner."

Crazy Sue: "I really don't like it when I make the effort to buy new shoes and no one compliments me on them."

Cruise ship
Crazy Sue: *loudly* "This deck looks like a floating walmart."

Patio door
Crazy Sue: "The lock been broken for days and dad still hasn't fixed it. I don't understand why simple repairs take him years to do! What if someone breaks in and has their way with me while he's out of town?"

Referring to a friend of mine we ran into in the mall
Crazy Sue: *whispering loudly* "Her bum is so big! They would love her in the islands."

Referring to an employee of ours who called her about an issue at work
Crazy Sue: "I know she has her rights I just wish she would express her right to shut the fuck up."

Crazy Sue: "I created you so you should make me a cup of tea."

My dad and his friend
Crazy Sue: "Dad's having dinner with Pete. It's good to see him with a friend... Probably wont last though."

Referring to my sister leaving rotten food in my moms fridge
Crazy Sue: "Why does she waste so much? Food doesn't grow on trees damnit!"

Frank Breaker

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