Wednesday, May 29, 2013

shit pizza experience

WTF IS THIS FUCKERY?! Check out how my pizza arrived tonight. Unsliced!!!! Who does that shit? At first I thought they forgot to cut it cause they were really busy in the kitchen but then I remembered the delivery guy gave me a bit of attitude. Now I'm thinking the dude was at the restaurant and told the cook "fuck that guy he doesn't tip enough so he doesn't deserve to have his meal sliced into convenient portions the fat bastard is gonna probably eat the whole thing anyways so leave it in one piece so he burns himself on the scalding hot cheese."

Well fuck you too you shit delivery bastard! When I called I don't remember asking for an extra topping of hate.

I originally considered folding the pizza over and eating it like a giant taco but then I came to my senses, got off the couch and got a fork and knife.

*EDIT: the goddamn pizza crust was burnt. Fuck that restaurant.

Frank Breaker

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