Wednesday, September 7, 2011

Leisure Diving

Move over planking here's the newest sensation - leisure diving. Its premise? Jumping into a pool, or other body of water while striking the most chill pose you possibly can. Some people do it in their bathing suits and some people take it up a notch and add accessories like costumes, martini shakers, ukuleles/guitars, crocket mallets, goose down pillows, copies of world war z, laptops, sombreros...

This shit looks wild! I guarantee it'll be bigger than the internet but it must hurt like a bitch. If you've ever done a belly flop you know that in those events somehow the water you're about to land on changes properties. It's like it picks up an extra atom or two and changes into pavement. When you watch it happen to someone else it's an epic event of awesomeness. When it happens to you it's just painful.

I think someone should do a leisure dive blowjob. But make sure to take your penis out of your girl's mouth before you land otherwise it's an awkward and painful trip to the emergency room for you.

Haar she blows!

Frank Breaker

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