Tuesday, July 6, 2010

Worst idea of life contender

Heres a new contender for the "worst idea of life". Theyre called "winkers". Seriously?! How much time did the creator spend looking at bottoms before he came up with this shit idea? Can you imagine what his business plan was like?! Biz pointed out that theres a "patent pending" on the clip. Patent pending?! On drawing talking ducks and eyes on ass cheeks? Did this dude actually think that his idea was so hot someone would want to steal it? I wonder how the patent application went haha

"Patent submission - standard pair of pants with various artwork drawn on the buttock area. The purpose of this invention is to attract an individual/groups gaze via the artworks (ex: eyeballs, duck mouths, etc...). As the wearer walks/runs, an alternating fold is formed under each buttock. Through the repetition of walking the artwork will appear to be animated..."

For christ sake a patent costs several thousands of dollars. I hope this guy goes bankrupt.

Frank Breaker

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