Tuesday, June 29, 2010

World Cup Fail

If anyone saw Sundays england/germany match they would remember the assistant refs extremely bad call. Basically england was robbed a legitimate goal that would have been an equalizer - if the goal had been allowed the game may have ended differently and england may not have lost. I mean I know they played like shit the first half but the goal wouldve given them more motivation to win!

Then there was the goal that was allowed during the argentina/mexico game. The player who heads the ball into the net was offside... Again the assistant ref effs up and this time allows the goal. Bullshit man. I know for me when it comes to offsides its not often clear but the assistant ref should be able to make the correct call. Its his goddamn job.

In my opinion this proves FIFA needs to implement goal line technology asap - at least before world cup 2014. Apparently the organizers dont see it that way and are planning to add 2 more assistant refs. Goddamn idiots. Why cant they use replay footage for verification?!

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