Thursday, June 17, 2010

Epic Celebrity Ass Analysis part 2

This booty is good; proportionally extremely nice. This is an example of what Professor Dukes (aka BIZ) and myself call "shelf booty". KKs ass is unique and perfect for todays ass analysis. First off we all know KKs ass cannot be stopped and she doesnt even try to contain it. She knew when she bought that bathing suit that her bikini panties had no chance containing that beast! She did it on purpose - probably even let the paparazzi know where she was going swimming. She also has what I now call a "double clench booty"; shes not using any external tricks like the no ass chicks do to pump up that ass like wearing extremely high heels, horizontal stripes, ass padding or tight "bra type" jeans. Shes basically naked and her bottom just floats in the air which means that both ass cheek muscles clench up on their own (hence the double clench). However some believe her ticket to fame should be revoked cause her ass is fake. Let me ponder on that for a second... Nope! Its money well spent. I'll take it...

Please tune in next month for our next subject for analysis: One of my favorite ladies in the world - Ms. Amber Rose.

Dr. Artificial Vagina *Assologist

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