Friday, July 23, 2010

The world is coming to an end

THE WORLD IS COMING TO AN END! We all know how the cosmetic industry markets products to women with the purpose of deceiving men right? If you dont know lets take a closer look. Here are a few examples

- make up (accentuates facial features)
- foundation (covers up imperfections)
- wonderbra (fake sweatermeat)

My friends take a look at the newest form of trickery "booty pop panties". This product is aimed at giving flat bottomed women an ass thats more desirable. Now am I the only one who sees the problem with this?! Its fraud! Has no one thought out the consequences of this? Heres a scenario: you meet a chick and her booty pop at a bar, go to her spot and boom find out she has absolutely no bottom at all. What do you do? I would not be a happy camper. If this shit catches on Im going to market a product to men called "cock rock shorts". Basically its a pair of boxer briefs with a 12 inch dildo attached. Picture this setup: I sport a pair of cock rock shorts in my slacks, pick up a girl, bring her back to my spot, "excuse" myself to the can, removing the fake snake, and come back buck naked 5 to 6 inches shy of what she expected. Undoubtedly she'll stay but the whole time she'll be like wheres the beef?! Thats not bad actually... Im going to patent that shit before any of you fools steals the idea

Seriously this is a dangerous creation. Imagine booty pop panties combined with the wonderbra, make up, mascara, etc... once its all removed youll find youve basically been bamboozled by a 10 year old boy. Wars will ensue! Looks like george costanza when he put that big ass wallet in his pocket.

Ladies just do it the old fashioned way - eat biscuits and gravy or have a baby.

Frank Breaker

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