Friday, July 9, 2010

Paul Cargnello and The Frontline - Corbeau et cygne (featuring Karma Atchykah & Dodecahedron)

My boys Paul Cargnello, Dodeca, and Karma! Its a wicked track and the video came out nice too. Paul called me last week and asked me to be in the video too but I was going out of town that weekend ({}). Anyways what the fuck would he have had me do at the end of the song?! Im not a producer or rapper... Come to think of it Im glad I couldnt do it these 3 bastards wouldve made me look terrible. 34 years old and I have no effing talent or discernible skills to speak of (well I do but nothing worth mentioning...).

I probably wouldve just stood there looking pretty.
Video courtesy of Jessie

Frank Breaker *feeling shitty but looking pretty

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