Friday, May 7, 2010

"Popsy" in your mouth

German alcohol and spirits manufacturers Krugmann Markenspirituosen have come out with a ridiculous alcoholic beverage aptly named "Popsy". Heres a description of the product directly from their website
"Popsy is worldwide the first liquor bottle in an extravagant unique design
The content of this cheeky container is cream liqueur with finest aromas as natural vanilla and a shot of toffee. Basis forms our own made vodka distilled after our old traditional method exclusively from wheat and malt.

Check and insure yourself that Popsy will be the smash on your party and never out of fashion!

We recommend enjoying Popsy always lightly chilled."
EPIC DRINK FAIL This is the worst product design of life. Its effing cream alcohol in a sperm shaped bottle! They should market it as chock full of protein... Incidentally do you think they stop selling it when you forget to take out the trash?

I need to know who (if anyone) has ever felt the desire to consume liquor from a massive sperm. If any chicks are interested I have my own personal brand of "popsys" for sale. If you need more flavor you can add some strawbrary to the mix.

Frank Breaker

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  1. Cool product. If it offends you then you must have "them tendencies", Aww, sheeit!