Saturday, May 8, 2010

Epic Celebrity Ass analysis part 1

Part 1 the Epic Celebrity Ass analysis part 1 - Serena Willams. Todays subject of analysis has a sizeable ass! Our analysis begins with the image titled position 1. This angle is extremly confusing to an Assologist such as myself! I dont understand how this tail exists; its full of muscle and still carrys around that kind of wobbly trunk junk. I mean look at the way it "rises" to the occasion and seems to stay up when SW jumps to serve! Jesus H Christ son! Now look at position 2a - that booty is a wild animal trying to swallow her bikini bottoms. This bottom is so big it must be from the same island that was in king kong... Only the most powerful of cocks can tame this tail hence the classification "Untameable booty". That ass can kill a man if its not properly domesticated... *Note the deeper than average ass crack in position 2a and 2b. Her ass crack is soooo goddamn long Im convinced it begins on the back of her neck. Shes bringing a different level to the ass game

Long live the new flesh

Dr. Artificial Vagina Assologist

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