Friday, October 11, 2013

Potential winner of the 2013 Artificial Vagina Best Video of Life Award

Straight from the artificial vagina Montreal office comes a video that has shut the internet down for me today. This could be the 2013 winner of the Artificial Vagina Best Video of Life award but as usual I'm not going to crown it too prematurely...

I present Potty Talk

Honestly this kid sounds like he's dying on the toilet. Here are my favorite highlights of the clip

-At 0:21 "I will not eat that much food again"
-The grunt right after (UGH!) hahahahaha
-When he starts to list all the stuff he ate that day
-For real who is he talking to?!
-When he gets frustrated at 0:50 "Ugh! Everything!"
- Best part at 0:59 "Ugh! That will... ugh... overflow the toilet. Ugh!
Someone give this kid $1000.00 pronto! What a hero hahahahahaha

In retrospect this kid could actually be my son. He sounds like me on the can last weekend...

For real I've been laughing so hard my tears are fucking up the keyboard.

Frank Breaker

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