Friday, January 23, 2015

A.V new definitions for 2015

Artificial Vagina New definitions for 2015

Organic (or-gan-ic): more expensive

The News: what's wrong today

Grater (grat-er): a sponge ruiner or finger shredder

Facebook (face-book): a website that promotes stalking where the stalkee doesnt know they are in a relationship with the stalker

Straightjacket (straight-jack-et): a self hugger

Gasoline (gas-o-line): car juice

Fart: an invisible poo

Clown: a transvestite that applied way too much makeup

Boxing (box-ing): a ballet where dancers punch each other

Tickle (tick-le): a type of rape you are forced to laugh through

Hand Sanitizer (hand san-i-tiz-er): a paper cut finder

Clap: a self high five

Tampon (tam-pon): a vampire tea bag

Microwave (mi-cro-wave): the head chef at Bardeco Pizzeria

Beard: a face food storage

Jogging Pants (jogg-ing pants): pants people who don't shower often like to wear

Egg: an organically gift wrapped chicken fart

Gumball Machine (gum-ball mach-ine): a candy aquarium

Blowjobs/blowjays (blow-job/blow-jay): flowers for men

Ninja (nin-ja): an Asian burglar

Frank Breaker

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