Friday, September 7, 2012


I apologize for my brief hiatus but trust me the following should make up for my absence

I don't know where to begin with this video! Why was kojak maxing the throttle??? From jump you could tell that this entire crew was in for a disaster

What about the captain of this failboat???? Did he died? I thought the whole team was dead when he face planted into the deck. HAHAHAHA dude flew to the ground like a plank of wood! And pink bikini had me rolling hahahaha she started off with this cocky smile on her face then 3 seconds in shit gets real and suddenly no more smirk.

*Edit: She kind of looks like an ex girlfriend of mine which makes this shit even funnier so I have decided to do a more in depth analysis of her "trip"

First jump: she cracks her chin on the seat.
Second jump: she smashes her forehead on the head rest.
Third jump: She gets a mouthful of ass as she flies face first into green bikini's backside before rolling her carcass up in front of the camera. Check 0:37 looks like she's picking pieces of booty out of her teeth lol
Green bikini regains composure/consciousness and asks "what happened?". What the fuck you think happened? You let an overzealous bastard drive the boat! I think dude thought he was piloting a jet plane.
Then she says "we've been doing so good. I don't understand... it's gotten so rough out here." This is priceless! Look at the background - there is no wave in sight.

Their team's fail equals our team's win. It's videos like this that make the world go round. More everything!!!!

**Edit: I have dubbed their ship the "failboat". I'm watching the clip muted with the "love boat" theme in the background...

Frank Breaker

***Edit: OH MY GOD! Someone added the theme music from benny hill I just cut my hand falling off my chair this is fucking funny as shit!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

then dubstepified


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