Wednesday, August 15, 2012

Potential winner of the 2012 Artificial Vagina Best/Worst Video of Life Award

Straight from the artificial vagina korean office comes a video that has shut the internet down for me today. This could be the 2012 winner of the Artificial Vagina Best/Worst Video of Life award but as usual I'm not going to crown it too prematurely. The rules are the same as always - depending on taste, this might either be the best or worst videos ever committed to film.

I present PSY Gangnam Style

Here are the highlights of the clip

- I thought he was saying "open condom star"
- he is dead serious about this video...
- why is he tanning on a children's playground?
- the horse bobbing his head at 0:27 
- the kid at 0:22 has swagger check his expression at 0:28. I give that duck face a pass
- why is there garbage being blown on them at 0:35?? LOOOOL and then it turns into snow?????
- someone please explain the sauna scene at 0:58 to me? Please?
- completely pointless explosion at 1:07 was jokes. It's like the simpsons when shit explodes randomly during an episode
- dude means business with that side trot at 1:26! I think it's sick so I'm adding it to my repertoire of deft dance moves
- bahahaha dude looks like he's yelling at the booty at 1:38. Probably cause there's not enough meat on it. Should've hired some ghetto girls homie.
- epic amateur dance battle at 1:47
- expression on dude doing the crotch push move face at 1:56 is priceless. *Edit: I actually thought he was going to get his balls caught in the elevator doors when they closed. AND WHATS UP WITH HIS SANDALS?????????? BAHAHAHAHA!!!
- why the fuck is he on the toilet at 3:17?!
- he is dead serious about this video!
- more dance battles at the end?! LOL

I watched this video so many times today I melted the repeat button. I think I know the lyrics now. They need to make this korea's national anthem pronto


Frank Breaker

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