Tuesday, October 5, 2010

Epic Celebrity Ass Analysis part 4

Mina Suvari (I dub thee "Kardashianwoman")

Now I know what a lot of you junior Assologists are thinking; how can this girl ever make it to be a subject of Assology analysis? Is she even worthy of an Assologists attention? The answer is yes. Look at her pics; there is no question that this girl has tail - theres a true bubble working out its potential here. The question is what is its classification? Personally I like to fit it in the "Undercover booty" category. This is the type of ass that goes about daily activities minding its own business - the type of bottom game that most of us are oblivious to. Lucky enough there are enough Assolologists that bring undercover booty into the light to expose it for what it is! Dont try to tell me Im wrong. I mean look at the angles in the pic named # 2. There is clearly a nice 40°>rebound slope as well as a nice entry pitch. This is another good example of a natural lift - very similar to what Amber Rose or more specifically Kim Kardashian possesses which makes me wonder if theres a possibility that Miss Suvari was bitten by a radioactive version of the latter (like the spider in Spiderman). If this is the case should Mina Suvari go by the name Kardashianwoman? Hmm... Food for thought.

See you all next month

Dr. Artificial Vagina *Assologist

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