Friday, August 6, 2010


I decided to do some research on this after I got bumped to first class on a recent trip to L.A. I think it was because I was rocking a fresh suit and tie. Note* always rock a suit when traveling! Biz and I had this conversation last night you command all kinds of respect. Anyways apparently every domestic airline offers discount first class tickets on planes (called "Y-Up" or "Q-Up" fares). They are 30 - 75% cheaper than the full price for a first class ticket - and sometimes even cheaper than coach

They are only for traveling in Canada and the U.S. According to (travel site that tracks over discounted first class airfares) the masses dont know about Y-Ups cause they are published to look like coach for accounting purposes - the ticket code is economy but the seats are in first class. Airlines make more cash because first class seats normally go unused. I think this is what happened in my case - I was bumped even though there was all kinds of room in coach.

*Y-Up airfares are almost always available, even on full flights, peak days and times (Mondays, Fridays, Sundays, holidays) or last-minute trips.

*To purchase a ticket, contact the airline directly. And remember to ask for a Y-Up fare as many ticket agents will not offer it unless asked specifically!

*Before booking a Y-Up fare, make sure all your connecting flights have a first class cabin.

Frank Breaker

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