Tuesday, August 31, 2010

Epic Celebrity Ass Analysis part 3

My favorite lady in the whole wide world - Ms. Amber Rose

Heres another classic example of an epic white booty but on another level than Kim Kardashian. This ass knocks it out of the park! I particularly like the paparazzi candids showing "the realness". Case in point - note the cottage cheese in picture number 2's analysis (click the second photo to see). No airbrush here just AR's cellulite au natural! Personally I really dislike it when magazines mask the cheese; its a critical area for assologists such as myself because thats where the true booty analysis is made. This is where gladiators are molded! I call it thunderpacker because it's where a booty thats truly worthy packs its thunder. In other words AR has "thunderpacker booty". Again AR provides a lil somthin somthin for everyone no matter if youre an ass/breast/leg/face man cause her entire package is gold. I dare you to say no! Shes a big step up from KK and in my humble opinion just a exceptional example of a masterful tail game. She is my favorite by far. Stay tuned next month for the next presentation.

By the way since kanyes gayfish do you think if I give hime enough props he'll let me take AR's ass for a test drive? VROOM VROOM SKEET all over those hills

Dr. Artificial Vagina *Assologist

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  1. Indeed the basis of your observations are immutable & your ascertainments are unassailable, but yo a hot gialz head gotta have some hair!!
    dats just me.